Lazy Keto Diet Ultimate Guide: Benefits, Dos and Don’ts

Lazy Keto Diet Ultimate Guide: Benefits, Dos and Don’ts

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The popularity of the ketogenic diet is on the rise. However, many people tried the ketogenic diet and found it too hard. It’s definitely not them being weak: the keto diet has been notorious for its strict dietary rules and the borderline obsessive calorie counting. Despite its increasing popularity, going on a keto diet requires discipline and dedication that’s difficult to keep up with in daily life.

The keywords “lazy keto” has been floating around the internet. What is it, how is it similar to strict keto and is it really better than strict keto?

Strict keto

Simply put, strict keto is the ‘traditional’ type of keto diet. It involves keeping your carb intake to below 20g per day while also watching your caloric intake.

Lazy keto

Lazy keto can mean many things to many people since it’s a relatively new approach to the ketogenic diet.

In a nutshell, the lazy keto’s approach is typically not track calories as tightly. Instead the main focus is to keep your carb intake under 20 grams or less per day. That’s basically the only calorie you need to count. Other than that, you’re allowed to eat whatever you want, as long as your carb count is lower than 20 grams.

The controversy

Some seasoned keto dieters condemned this type of dieting. This is because it diverges from the main keto goal of eating as much fats as possible to indulging as long as it fits the carb count. Arguably, the fact that you’re allowed to eat whatever you want already defeats the purpose of the diet.

Since it doesn’t restrict the type of food you eat, technically speaking, you can eat anything you want. It includes sugar, bad fats and additives in food. Putting a bunch of bad food in your body definitely doesn’t make you healthier.

Benefits of the lazy keto diet

#1 The weight loss effects are similar to the strict keto diet

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Since it’s technically a type of keto diet, you’d still get the weight loss benefits of the strict keto diet. You’d still get the rapid water weight loss in the beginning as well.

#2 It’s less stressful and overwhelming

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It does wonders for your mental health when you don’t have to religiously track the calories of every macronutrient you put in your body.

For many, the ketogenic diet is very frustrating since it demands a lot of dedication and counting. Tracking everything you eat is also time-consuming.

#3 You get a wider selection of food

Since the lazy keto approach doesn’t fuss a lot with the kinds of food you’re allowed to eat, you get a better range of food and drinks to choose from. There is more flexibility in terms of the food you can make with these ingredients as well, which may lead to more motivation and less boredom.

People generally have lesser cravings in a lazy keto diet as well because of the variety of food that they can eat. They are able to satisfy their cravings with a wider selection of keto-approved food choices. However, satiation only works if the food is consumed in moderation.

#4 You save more money

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A strict keto diet prioritizes fresh and organic produce. Although it’s a good idea putting the best ingredients in your body, not everyone could afford organic food in real life. Switching to a lazy keto diet helps to reduce the cost of the diet, simply because there are more choices available for you to play around with.


Common lazy keto mistakes

#1 Not hitting the macro requirements

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Lazy keto diets are sometimes unsuccessful because you’re not hitting the macros that keep you in ketosis. People who go through the lazy keto diet also often ignore the other macronutrients other than carbs because there’s no incentive to keep track of them.

#2 Not eat enough healthy fats

Fat is essential in the lazy keto diet plan as it becomes the main source of fuel for your body to burn. When you get enough fats in your system, it helps satiate your appetite and you’d eat less. It’ll also help you stay on track with your weight goals and diet plan.

But in a diet where it doesn’t stop you from eating unhealthy food, you’re more likely to binge on comfort food that you’re familiar with like fried foods or ice-cream. It also encourages bad eating habits.

#3 Eating more protein than you actually need

A common mistake that people make during the start of this diet is going above their protein needs. It’s a hard no in a keto diet. Although protein is essential for not losing any muscle mass, an excess of protein can kick you out of ketosis via gluconeogenesis. Since ketosis is the main point of keto diets, be it lazy or strict, that’s something you’d definitely be in risk of since you’re not tracking your macros.

#4 Not adjusting when you hit a weight plateau

Hitting a weight plateau is a common issue in lazy keto, since you don’t track calories in the lazy keto diet. Especially in a keto diet where you eat a lot of fats and calorie-heavy food, it’s easy to overeat and go over your daily caloric limit. Going over the limit means that you’re not going to lose weight. So you’d have to know your own body and adjust the lazy keto diet when you’re not losing weight as predicted. Some people suggested leaning towards the strict keto approach to make sure that you’re not overeating.

Tips for a successful lazy keto diet

#1 Knowledge is the key to success

Reading and researching about what works and not for your body is the number one key to success for lazy keto. It’s also important to read about the types of food that are good for a lazy keto instead of chucking everything you crave into your mouth, which is what caused weight gain in the beginning.

You need to know need to know how much fat you need to incorporate into your diet to keep up with ketosis. It is important to make sure that your diet is comprised of 75% fats, 20% proteins and 5% carbs.

#2 Hold off berries for the first few weeks

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Having sugar cravings and the subsequent action of giving in to those cravings are what brought a lot of people to being overweight in the first place. Even though berries are excellent dessert-substitute in your lazy keto meal plans since they could satiate sugar cravings, it’s wiser to keep off them for the first few weeks to get rid of the sugar cravings completely. It’ll make your future keto journey easier as well without the pesky cravings and ensure that you’re on track with your weight goals.

#3 Fat bombs are the bomb

Fat bombs are high-fat, low-carb snacks. In a diet where fat is the most important macronutrient, fat bombs are excellent little bites that keeps you in ketosis and satisfy your dessert cravings. Think of them like energy packs in games, except they are almost exclusively made with healthy fats.

Like the strict keto diet, it’s important to incorporate healthy fat in your diet in any way you could. That’s why fat bombs are the ideal snacks in a lazy keto diet. It not only tastes like the snacks you’re used to like peanut butter cups and chocolate, it also keeps you on the keto diet. Eat without fear!

Important things to remember for keto food prepping

Like any diet, food prep is extremely important. Food prepping helps you to prepare the macronutrients you need ahead of time. It also helps save time because you’d cook in batches of healthy food so you don’t need to cook every day. Here are some important things to remember while food prepping for the lazy keto diet.

To keep stuff simple and easy, go through your food stash and remove all temptations. After clearing it out, write yourself a grocery list and think through it. DO NOT go grocery shopping whenever you’re hungry because people tend to buy much more junk than they intended to.

1. Eliminating carbs from your diet causes excess fluid held by your cells to be flushed out of your body. Electrolytes are flushed out in this process, so remember to add some electrolytes to your water. Supplements with magnesium, potassium and sodium can be taken as well.

2. Are you afraid of the keto flu? Exogenous ketone supplements provides you with an instant supply of ketones even if you’re not in a state of ketosis, thus jumpstarting the process.

3. Avoid sugar at all cause. A rule of thumb to follow, avoid foods with more than 4 grams net of carbs per serving. Some foods may seem to have high carbs at first sight, it might consist high fibres and low net carb.

4. The most important factor of all, is that you make sure you are staying in ketosis. There is no way of knowing naturally, but devices are easily available. Urine strips are a cheaper alternative, but they are deemed to be less accurate than a blood ketone meter.

While it might seem difficult at first, lazy keto diet is definitely a good start for your journey to healthier lifestyle!


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