(Healthy) Fat is the New Black: Lazy Keto Diet Plan for Beginners

(Healthy) Fat is the New Black: Lazy Keto Diet Plan for Beginners

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What you should know before starting your lazy keto diet plan

Going stir-crazy counting calories in your diet? Finding that your diet plans have no effect so far? Don’t lose heart just yet; there’s a new alternative on the rise: enter the lazy keto diet.

You may have heard of the keto, or ketogenic diet. Basically, it’s a diet plan that consists of 75% fats, 20% proteins and 5% carbs. It throws out carbs to make way for fats as a source of fuel for your body. While the traditional keto diet is notoriously rigorous and known for strict calorie counting, the lazy keto diet plan involves skipping the counting of calories in favor of focusing on a 20g carb daily limit.

Despite the lazy keto diet not being without its controversies, it’s easy enough to reap the benefits once you avoid the most common keto diet mistakes. So without further ado, let’s give you a run-down on how to do lazy keto:

1. Research, Research, Research

I know, you didn’t sign up for more work but trust me, this only lasts through the initial stage. Since you’re not keeping track of calories, it becomes more important than ever to find out what works or does not work for your body. Try keeping a food diary on the macro-nutrient layouts of your favorite keto staples or sources of low carb/ high fat intake, be it sour cream or mushrooms. That way you’ll have a loose guideline to refer to later without having to measure each bite of food you take.

2. Cut Down Carbs whenever Possible

Throw out the sugar. Throw out the breads and cookies. The first few weeks are about the 20g-only carb intake. Yes, there are keto-friendly recipes for all sorts of wonderful desserts, but while you’re dealing with sugar cravings, you should refrain from sweet treats.

Even berries are a no-no. These healthy little nuggets of antioxidants might be a great substitute for low-sugar munchies later on, it’s, again, unwise to have anything sweet during your initial carb withdrawals. Choose greens, high-fat dairy and nuts instead.

3. Be Careful around Artificial Sweeteners

At this point, you might be tempted to go the Splenda way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Hold your horses! Some dieters report that sweeteners mess with their weight goals by inducing hunger and sugar cravings. It’s true that this is different for everyone though, so it’s okay to experiment a little. Just keep those Equal packets to after the first few weeks, so that you can be sure they won’t hamper your body’s adjustment while keeping on track with your lazy keto diet plan.

4. Ditch the Scale

Here’s some more good news: with lazy keto diet plan, there’s no need to count calories -or your weight either. Instead, you can rely on your general sense of wellbeing -how much energy you have -and how well you now fit into your clothes. The main point is to go into and stay in ketosis, or the process where the body burns fat for energy. You can check on your ketone levels using Keto strips. These are litmus-paper-like strips for urine analysis.

5. Eat and Be Merry!

For the first fortnight, your body might feel out of whack. You’re struggling with sugar cravings and hunger and wondering if it’s okay to eat. It is! As long as you’re filling up on healthy fats and keeping carbs on the low-down, you can eat as much as you need until you’re satisfied. In fact, this step might be crucial for sticking to your diet: it’s important to replenish the starving body with sufficient nutrients while it’s making the transition into ketosis.

6. …or Go OMAD

Feeling tough and ready to challenge yourself one step further on your way to better health and weight loss? Then OMAD (One Meal a Day) is for you. As the name suggests, you fast until you hit the time for your one meal, and this can be any time of the day. However, a more convenient time for certain needs (read: bathroom breaks) might be necessary if you’re unused to taking in many calories in one go.

7. Protein is Queen

Eating out and not sure what to get? Always opt for something protein rich, like a steak, shrimp cocktail or rotisserie chicken. Be sure to include in some fat as well if your protein is on the lean side, to help with satiety and resisting your temptation to reach out for the bread. Protein is an especially important complement to the quintessential keto diet: they keep your muscles healthy, and muscles are the most metabolically active tissue in the body.

However, it’s equally vital to note that you don’t want to go overboard on the protein, or you’ll hit gluconeogenesis, where certain amino acids in your foods get converted to glucose. So the key is not too much, and not too little. Approximately 50g-150g of protein (depending on your lean body mass) is just nice.

8. Snack Attack

Lazy or not, it can be hard to follow a keto diet, especially if you have to deal with work etc. on top of meal planning. That’s why you’ll want to store snacks that can constitute as whole meals when paired together around. Opt for foods like hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks, jerky, nuts and tuna can snack packs.

But wait! I’m vegetarian! Is lazy keto still the way for me?

Sure! We won’t lie, it might be a little harder to achieve, but it’s still possible. There are some changes you’ll have to make (such as swapping out plain soybeans for black beans and maybe giving up carrots), but with a little research, the aforementioned food diary and some calorie tracking once in a while, you’ll do just fine with the lazy keto diet plan. Here are 25 vegetarian keto recipes to start, and some reddit groups for vegetarians and vegans.

Wrapping It Up

To wit, keto diets are entirely within the realm of possibility -especially with the lazy keto diet plan. All you have to do is swap carbs for fats in your daily meal(s), with some help from the Internet, and that’s it. That’s how to do lazy keto.

Now that you know, go forth and multiply your health benefits!


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