From Plump to Flat: A Guide to Lazy Keto Weight Loss

From Plump to Flat: A Guide to Lazy Keto Weight Loss

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Lazy keto weight loss: is it possible?

Looking to fit into your wedding tux without those obvious love handles, or flaunt that gorgeous dress for the summer? Then I have three words for you: Lazy. Keto. Diet.

Hold on just a minute. Aren’t the high fat intake and lack of calorie counting in lazy keto diets counter-intuitive to weight loss? Can the words “lazy keto” and “weight loss” even be paired together?

No, and yes! In fact, the weight loss experienced in lazy keto diets is pretty similar to that of strict (traditional) keto diets. There are also several other benefits to opting for lazy keto diet over strict keto, but for now, let’s look at what lazy keto does for weight loss, and some lazy keto weight loss tips we have:

So what does lazy keto do for my weight?

Lazy keto, as with traditional keto diets, involve an increased intake of protein from the standard high-carb, low-protein and low-fat diet. As protein burns more calories when it’s metabolized, a protein boost speeds up metabolism. A moderate-protein and high-fat diet also promotes satiety (the feeling of fullness) and stoppers the release of hunger hormones, reducing the need to ingest calories. Other perks include improved insulin sensitivity, which helps the body use its fuel better, and decreased fat storage due to a lessened conversion of sugars to fats. All of this translates to lazy keto weight loss.

Tips for Lazy Keto Weight Loss

Have Fat Bombs in Moderation

Fat bombs, or keto bombs, are basically the keto-version of snack substitutes. So instead of, say, a slice of strawberry cheesecake, you get a strawberry cheesecake bomb filled with the same berry goodness. Fat bombs, like other items on a lazy keto weight loss plan, can help induce satiety but it’s still possible to overindulge on them, and they can be rather high in calories. Registered dietitian Sydney Greene suggests freezing your fat bombs so they last longer and stay out of sight. As a plus, freezing them also makes them harder to chew and slows down the eating process, giving your hormone levels time to catch up and tell you to stop.

Take a Good Look at your Carbs

Some healthy carb options are still a no-no, and we don’t just mean starchy foods like pumpkins, certain squashes and sweet potatoes. Think baby carrots, most beans, peas, corn and beets. For example, a cup of pickled beets can contain up to 35g of carbs, while a cup of corn sets you back by 27g of carbs. Other veggies like artichokes, tomatoes and onions can also be rather sugary. The key here is knowing your greens, and having some of them in moderation. Go for bell peppers (9g carbs per cup), broccoli (4g), asparagus (4g), white mushrooms (1g) and spinach (3g) instead.

Choose the Right Kind of Fat

You’ll want to focus on a mixture of saturated and monounsaturated fats for your lazy keto weight loss diet plan, such as butter, olive oil and coconut oil. In fact, 50% butter and 50% olive oil is closest to the composition of body fat, which makes it the best type of fat the body can utilize. Coconut oil, too, is highly beneficial; it contains MCTs, which help your body automatically produce ketones.

lazy keto weight loss

In contrast, steer clear of polyunsaturated fats like corn and soy oil, and avoid artificially produced trans fats (e.g. margarine) like the plague. Not only are trans fats indigestible, they tend to stick around, which is the last thing you want. For your omega-3 needs, opt for fatty fish or a DHA + EPA supplement instead.

Track Calories Once in a While

I know, I know, you went for lazy keto instead of the strict keto diet precisely because you don’t want to feel like a slave to your diet. That’s why we’re only asking you to track your calories, say, once a week. Not only does checking in periodically tell you if you’re on track or eating too many calories, it will help eliminate over-consumption of calories as a potential cause when you hit your weight loss plateau.

Wait, I’m still going to hit a weight loss plateau?!

Unfortunately, yes. A weight loss plateau is a normal part of the weight loss process, and will occur whether you follow the strict tracking method or not. (For the uninitiated, weight loss plateaus refer to periods when you stop losing weight altogether, for a fortnight or more.)

HOWEVER, there are ways to overcome plateaus. One popular approach is intermittent fasting (IF). Essentially, IF involves breaking a 24-hour cycle into a fasting period and a ‘feasting period’. For example, a 20/4 IF schedule means fasting for 20 hours, only drinking water, leaving the remaining 4 hours for caloric intake. IF should be practiced anywhere between 3 to 7 days to break a plateau, with sufficient water intake to keep the metabolism active.

This brings us to our last point:

Join a Keto Diet Support Group

Despite knowing you’ll hit the end of a lazy keto weight loss plateau, you may be incredibly disheartened by the process. Or you’ve been frustrated eating the same things over and over. Maybe you’re just having a bad day. In which case, joining a Facebook group full of your fellow keto dieters may make all the difference. Whether it’s gaining inspiration from their success stories, swapping recipes to prevent boredom or just having someone to talk to about your bad work day, having that support will dramatically increase your chances of success.

To Summarize

lazy keto weight loss

There can be a lot of things to do just to lose weight, even if it’s lazy keto. After all, a dietary change brings about quite a shift to one’s lifestyle. But fear not; it’s entirely within your grasp. Lots of people have happily reported success using the lazy keto diet, and you’ll be one of them too faster than you know it.


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