40+ Lazy Keto Snacks: Battle of the Munchies

40+ Lazy Keto Snacks: Battle of the Munchies

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In another article, we covered the 3 square meals a day, lazy keto style. Now we’re gonna talk about what’s snacking’s like in a life after lazy keto, and we promise you, it’s not a barren wasteland. Whether it’s savory or sweet, the Internet has lazy keto snacks hidden in every corner, and we’re here to do all the research for you. Coupled with these tips for a successful lazy keto diet, you’ll soon be snacking your way to regret-free satisfaction.

What counts as lazy keto snacks?


Hankering for a classic cake? Ruled.me serves up a mean pound cake at only 2.5g net carbs per slice, while The Lazy Keto has a chocolate mug cake that’s neither too eggy or too dry, but just right to tempt your inner Goldilocks. Still can’t get enough of chocolate? Head over to the Headbanger’s Kitchen for a flourless chocolate cake or an almond flour version to enjoy metal music with your fix of cocoa. The author also touts a wide selection of mug cakes (like this coffee mug cake and nutella mug cake) as well as a picturesque tiramisu. You’ll be. Thunderstruck!

Speaking of tiramisu, if you want other cheesecake options, check out this self-proclaimed ultimate cheesecake, which boasts an all-you-can-eat with 3g net carb, and its red velvet cousin made with cinnamon butter. Now that is sweet!

Lazy Keto Snacks

Fudge & Brownies

Not had enough of cheesecake yet? Don’t worry, we’re not leaving the territory of cream cheese completely behind. Here’s a mocha cheesecake fudge for one, and another heavenly cream cheese dark chocolate fudge as well as a cream-cheese-based chocolate bacon fudge for the truly adventurous. However, if you’re getting well and truly sick of cheese, we have a good old-fashioned peanut butter fudge (minus the sugar crash).

As for brownies, tuck into these amazingly fudgy babies on Low Carb Maven, or opt for brownie perfectionist Keto Connect‘s best keto brownies, which, according to the owner of the website, leave all its dry or oily competitors in the dust (while being free of nut allergens too!).


Craving the crunch? Nothing beats the timeless chocolate chip cookies even for lazy keto snacks. Hit your chewy sweet spot with these golden gooey classics that don’t skimp on the chocolate, or a crunchy alternate if a crumbly texture is what you want. We also have a nut-free version for those who can’t stand almonds.

And now that we’ve showered our star with enough loving attention, let’s move on to other low-carb winners. Brighten up your day with a plain delicious vanilla snickerdoodle, or go for a brownie-cookie combo if you’re the type who never gets enough of fudge. Feeling nostalgia over those days when you could eat Girl Scout cookies? Try these grain-free copycats. As an honorable mention, we also nominate these keto peanut butter cups to satisfy your hunger for Reese.

Lazy Keto Snacks

Ice Cream

If you’re dealing with an eternal summer like us, maybe what you’re really looking for is a something cold and sweet to add to your lazy keto snacks. In which case, we recommend going with Carolyn Ketchum’s neapolitan popsicles for the holy trinity of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Her website also contains a considerable amount of frozen dessert recipes, like this dairy-free raspberry coconut cream popsicle, this no-churn maple walnut ice cream and this no-churn coffee ice cream.

But what if what you’re actually pining for is gelato? We’ve got this too. Megan Seelinger‘s mint chocolate gelato is absolute minty heaven, while Better Than Bread Keto goes back to the roots with this creamy vanilla gelato. Ah, la dolce vita!

Want something a little more special? Visit Keto Keuhn Nutrition for blue moon ice-cream, or try out this keto kulfi for an Indian twist, and leave your friends wondering how you do it.

Savory Snacks

Those of you who don’t have a sweet tooth were probably wondering what took us so long to move past dessert as lazy keto snacks. Don’t worry; we just got to the good part. Go au naturel with these 12 back-to-basics snacks (under ‘no preparation’), or stretch your cooking skills with the 30 savory recipes on the same page (under ‘savory’). With everything from chips and fries to bacon and cheese tributes, you’ll find your umami-loving tastebuds satiated to the fullest.

While on the subject of chips, Simply So Healthy offers a low-carb alternative for tortilla chip lovers. Other crunchy savory snacks on the menu include Indian samosas, rosemary parmesan crackers, mushroom chips, zucchini chips and raw avocado and golden flax crackers. Top with guacamole, salsa, BLT or paleo sardine mousse for an even better experience. (Like your salsa chunky? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered!)

Meanwhile, on the international cuisine front, we present you African roasted okra, a Cuban ham spread, a spicy halibut ceviche and kefir cheese smoked salmon wrap to wow your guests (and maybe even help make some lazy keto converts out of them). It’s also a neat way to be the envy of the office -making your snacks steal-worthy (don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

Wait, I can’t bake or cook to save my life!

Not to worry! Aside from the zero-prep snacks mentioned above, we also have other choices of lazy keto snacks for you. For the (ex-)sugar aficionado, there’s Quest Low Carb Protein Bars, which are a fan favorite on Reddit and Facebook. Choose from 23 flavors, including Cinnamon Roll, Apple Pie, S’mores and more. Yearning for cake? Nush’s paleo-friendly snack cakes come in sets of 6 different flavors, and can be found on Amazon. Ice cream lovers will also be overjoyed to know keto-friendly brands Halo Top and Enlightened Ice Cream can be found in stores across the US. For salty and savory treats, there’s the multitude of pork rind brands, cheese sticks and meat snacks. We suggest Pork Ranko, Lowrey’s Bacon Curls and Epic Provisions for your pork rind needs as well as Jack Links’assorted meat snacks for on the go (just watch the labels to prevent over-eating).


To summarize, it isn’t that hard to obtain lazy keto snacks. All it takes is a little bit of elbow grease in the kitchen, or some resourceful searching on the Internet. Enjoy!



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