6 Lazy Keto Health Benefits: Keeps the Doctor Away

6 Lazy Keto Health Benefits: Keeps the Doctor Away

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You’ve probably heard of the keto, or ketogenic diet by now. Or, if you haven’t, it’s a low-carb, high-fat diet plan designed to switch the body from burning glucose to fat for fuel (i.e. ketosis). A lazy keto diet, specifically, follows that module by focusing on tracking carbs but not calories. You will get all the benefits of the standard, strict keto diet, but with lazy keto diet, you’re going to reap some additional pluses .

Maybe you’re here because you’ve had trouble losing weight, and you’ve heard all sorts of success stories from keto dieters about keto health benefits. Maybe you’re on the fence and suspicious about the rave reviews. Or maybe you’re just plain curious.

Either way, we’re here to share 6 lazy keto health benefits with you, to show you how lazy keto can transform your health and your life:

1. Weight Loss

Of course, one of the most obvious and talked-about keto health benefits is the almost dramatic weight loss claimed by dieters, especially in comparison to other diets. Studies show that low-carb dieters can lose anywhere between 1.8 to 3 times more weight compared to their low-fat diet peers, particularly in obese and overweight individuals. The weight loss experienced was also statistically significant at the third and sixth month mark when compared to subjects on a conventional diet. Not only that, a considerable amount of the weight lost was abdominal fat, which experts believe is a major cause of metabolic syndrome.

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This is in part due to the loss of excess water from the body, as the decreased intake in carbs lessens water retention. The kidneys also expunge excess sodium from lowered insulin levels, which leads to weight loss as well. Other than that, it takes more calories to convert fat into energy than it does carbs. There’s also the satiety factor, where a higher consumption of fats regulates the body’s hunger hormones and produces a feeling of fullness. As a result, those on high-fat low-carb diets tend to eat less, creating a calorie deficiency -hence weight loss.

2. Epilepsy

If you know anyone whose child suffers from a highly difficult case of epilepsy, chances are they’ve been recommended a ketogenic diet. A keto diet is one of the conventional, well-established treatments for epilepsy and has been used since 1921 to great effect. One analysis of 19 studies reported that slightly over half the children had more than a 50% reduction in epileptic seizures, while another one-third experienced a 90% reduction. 16% became completely seizure-free. Although this treatment advocates strict adherence to the keto diet at present, more studies are under way to observe the keto health benefits of a liberal version (i.e. lazy keto) on both adults and children.

3. Other Neurological Disorders

On a related note, several studies have been conducted on the protective effects of the ketogenic diet on the brain as well. One study showed that in the case of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, a ketogenic diet promoted and rescued certain brain cellular functions. Another stated that the keto diet improved upon damaged brain tissue in Leigh’s Syndrome. This appears to be the effect of the ketones produced when the body breaks down fat, which provide an alternate energy source for the brain.

As an aside, keto diets have also been theorized to help protect the brain in the event of a traumatic brain injury or stroke.

4. Cancer

While still on the subject of the brain, keto diets have also been used in the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme, one of the most aggressive brain cancers to ever exist. This is because the low-carb aspect of the diet is ideal for lowering glucose levels to help with survival rates. There has been success in applying keto diets with chemotherapy to shrink tumours in some other forms of cancer as well, and with radiation therapy to increase the effectiveness of the therapy itself.

5. Heart Disease

It may seem counter-intuitive that a diet high in fats may lower one’s risk factor for heart disease, yet the ketogenic diet does just that. Nearly 20 scientific studies have noted a consequential drop in fasting triglycerides when the subjects are put on a ketogenic diet. One even reported that the low-carb diet produced 5 times as much of a drop compared to a low-fat diet. Fasting triglycerides are the concentration of fat molecules in the blood after an overnight fast, and are a strong predictor for heart disease.

Keto diets also raise HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels. The higher someone’s level of HDL, the lower their probability of heart disease. Another good indicator of heart disease is the blood triglycerides:HDL ratio. So, by increasing your HDL levels and decreasing your triglyceride levels through a lazy keto diet, you create a formidable combination of factors that greatly impact your likelihood of contracting heart disease.

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6. Diabetes

Unsurprisingly, a low-carb diet is especially known for minimizing blood sugar. In fact, keto diets are so effective in this that close medical supervision or medication adjustment have been advised for diabetes patients on keto diets, lest their blood sugar drops too low. One study even stunningly demonstrated that 95.2% of the test subjects on low-carb keto diets had their medications reduced or removed entirely.

Another indicator of diabetes type 2, insulin sensitivity, has also responded favorably to low-carb keto diets. In this variation of diabetes, one major issue is the body’s inability to sense the release of insulin, therefore making it hard for the body to keep blood sugar levels low. At least 3 studies have shown that insulin sensitivity increases on keto diets, one of which detailed a 27% decrease in insulin levels.


Other diseases and conditions that have benefited from a ketogenic diet include polycystic ovary syndrome, high blood pressure, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and certain sleep disorders. Thus, it is obvious that there are a multitude of lazy keto health benefits . So do discuss with your doctor about going on one today!



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