21 Day Flat Belly Fix Review: Should You Give It A Go?

21 Day Flat Belly Fix Review: Should You Give It A Go?

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Are you struggling with reducing the size of your waistline and losing weight?

Having a hard time keeping up with numerous different types of strict diets, only to find that the size of your belly had actually grown instead of shrinking like it was supposed to?

Is your weight slowing down your life’s pace, stopping you from doing almost anything fun and exciting?

Or you just cannot stay focused to your workout regimens and hitting the gym several times a week to help you shed pounds?

Are you depressed because you can’t lose weight, but nothing you do actually works?

Many people began to give up and lose confidence in the process losing weight once a supposedly effective diet plan or simply working out don’t work, or even worse, backfired and made them gain more belly weight. That’s certainly not what you’d expect to get after faithfully avoiding your favorite desserts and hitting the gym like never before. What a nightmare!

Finding the correct type of diet and workout regimen could be a very difficult task to accomplish as there is no such thing as one solution that’s guaranteed to work for everybody. If there was one, you can say goodbye to all those fad diets and celebrity fitness programs you saw way too often on TV or the social media. This is because different people have different dietary and health needs and thus, the problem arises when people are not aware of their own specific needs. That’s why while some diets work wonderfully for certain people, it may not be the one for others, even dangerous for them at times. Some fixes might work temporarily, which is frankly quite disappointing as everybody wants permanent results that will help them live a better and healthier lifestyle in a long term.

flat belly fix

After reaching the age of 30 and above, most people find it hard to lose weight and keeping it off to be almost impossible. The fat accumulated around the belly and waist areas have become way too stubborn to remove even when one was to follow strict diets and workout intensely. This doesn’t even touch the terrifying fact that the fat you’ve accumulated on those areas of the body can be causes or even signs of illnesses that you aren’t aware of having yet. All those sacrifices you make such as cutting out your favorite snacks and making time for exercise seem to be a complete waste of effort when all you got out of it is getting physically larger (and definitely not in a healthy way).

This is where the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix program comes in.

About the author

21 Day Flat Belly Fix was created by Todd Lamb, formerly a member of the SWAT team who is also known in the fitness industry and for writing several books on fitness. If you’re somewhat familiar with the figures in the fitness industry, you might’ve come across his name before. Todd created the program after his wife was involved in a devastating car accident, in which the recovery and afterwards process made her gain weight. Her struggles with depression and the inability to lose weight despite trying a number of diets was the inspiration behind the creation of the program, as Todd made it to initially help her. At the same time, he’s also tired of getting misinformed when it comes to nutrition and fitness for people looking for a flat belly fix, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and started to do research on the matter. Once the remarkable results of his ‘secret ingredient’ tea began to show up with his wife losing weight, becoming more cheerful and more energetic each day, Todd decided to share this program with the world.

About 21 Day Flat Belly Fix

flat belly fix

The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix is a fitness program targeting to remove excessive weight around the belly. In a glance, the program focuses on nutrition, diet and health tips, workout tips that do not require strenuous movements and also recipes for making healthy smoothies packed with ingredients that are known to be great for weight loss.

This program claims to be able to help you shed up to more than 20 pounds within just 21 days while requiring minimal time for workout and the energy. For many people with packed schedules and restricted time to exercise, this program offers an excellent opportunity to begin working out. The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix program is refined into 3 parts:

#1 7 Minutes to a Slim Belly System

This part covers the type of short but powerful exercise that you can complete in just 7 minutes each day. Unlike most rigorous and rather strenuous exercise routines, the Flat Belly Fix exercise claims to utilize very ‘gentle and simple movements’, which are nonetheless more effective than the ones gym goers use in their workouts. While the short time needed to complete the exercise is great for those who don’t have the time for gym, these movements also sound ideal for those who can’t do heavy physical tasks due to restrictions such as injuries, much like what the author’s wife suffered from.

#2 Flat Belly Fix “Done For You”

The second part of the program covers the nutrition and diet aspects. The most exciting thing about this part is probably the fat burning smoothie recipes provided. These smoothies can be prepared quickly for those who are always on the go, but still feeling the need to snack up on something delicious and healthy. This part not only covers the ingredients for the smoothies, but also the quick preparation methods used to get the best out of them. Best of all? The ingredients are cheap, affordable and available in almost any grocery stores around you. No more tasteless boring salads for your next snack.

#3 Flat Belly Fix Elite Personal Coaching

Once you’ve completed your enrolment, the author and his team will provide you with one full month of personal VIP coaching where you’ll be able to interact with the author directly to ask questions and also share your journey with others. You’ll be invited to join their exclusive social media group.

Easy to access for those always on the go

The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix program is provided entirely online, meaning that once you have completed your purchase and registration, you don’t need to wait days for your subscription to arrive in the mailbox. Once it’s available for you, it’s just the matter of simply downloading the program to your desktop or mobile devices and you can start whenever you want. This easily accessible content further refines the simplicity of the program as it allows you access wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. The guides come in downloadable eBooks and online coaching video. Perfect for reading during your morning commutes.

What does 21 Day Flat Belly Fix give you?

The program provides you with comprehensive explanations on nutrition, exercises, human anatomy and physiology along with the techniques you need to lose weight and keep it that way for a long term. It’s very important to know your body and what it actually needs before getting yourself into any kinds of fitness program. According to the program, this can be achieved by knowing what foods to eat and what to avoid, which is one of the parts in the process of staying fit and healthy while fighting against obesity, heart problems and other health problems caused by excessive body weight.

flat belly fix

The smoothie recipes book reveals the author’s ‘secret’ ingredients in making fat burning smoothies; ancient spices which he claimed have help his wife in losing pounds within days while eliminating her feelings of lethargy. Above all, the rest of the ingredients that must be used in the smoothies can be used as healthier substitutions for all the fat gaining foods you usually have for your daily meals. The recipes provided will give you an idea of the types of foods that you should take and also those that will help in quickening the process of weight loss. Not only that, the book also specifies the methods that you must use to prepare the smoothies, so you can be sure that they aren’t just your regular diet smoothies recipes that you can find everywhere online.

One of the best things about the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix program is that it is suitable for men and women; both the workout and nutritional tips and tricks. For the ladies though, there is an extra special recipe for an ‘elixir’ which is called the Estrogen Balancing Elixir.

What if you don’t like the smoothies? What if you can’t follow the exercise routine? What if this just doesn’t work for you?

It’s completely normal to feel skeptical about any fitness program. So because of this, the author also offers you a 60 – day guarantee of money back, in case you’re unhappy with how it turns out or the program just can’t work for you for any reason.

Should you get it or not?

As with any other fitness programs, the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix also has its own pros and cons. Here is where you make your own verdict of whether it’s worth trying or not.


  • Available online as soon as purchased. You don’t have to wait for your books or CDs to arrive and risk them getting lost or damaged on their way to you.
  • Positive results can be seen fast.
  • The program is suitable for both men and women.
  • Detailed and comprehensive knowledge on nutrition and exercises.
  • Simple workout routine that can be done every day in a short time.
  • Multiple positive feedbacks from those who have tried it.
  • Tips and instructions are very easy to understand.


  • Only available online. If you’ve internet connection problems, this could be an issue for you.
  • A lot of reading to do. If reading is not something you’d like to do often, you might miss out on many things provided in this program.
  • As with any other fitness program, you’ll need to be disciplined, even with the super simple workout. Consistency is always the key.

Multiple reviews and testimonies have been made online on the effectiveness of this program. While some parts do sound too good to be true, many reviews claimed that if you actually do stick to the program’s plans and diet recipes, you can really see positive results within days. Adding to the good reviews, those who have tried it said that the Flat Belly Fix is certainly a bargain because it’s simple yet effective. Plus, the program extensively educates you on almost everything you need to know about losing weight and dietary needs. Not only do you get exercise and dieting tips, you’ll also be supplied with so much information about health that you can use for the rest of your life.

And there you have it. The Flat Belly Fix is by no means an overnight miracle program that can help you shed unwanted belly fats without any effort and by just drinking miracle smoothies. Like any routines that focus on health and fitness for a long term benefit, this program requires dedication and discipline, although all you need to do is keep up with its super easy and simple workout and replace your regular fat gaining foods with healthier (but still delicious) options that help you remove fat instead. Considering how you’ll most likely to be able to fit the exercise routine into your packed schedule, it seems that this program requires minimal time while giving you maximum results, if you stick to the tips and tricks provided.

For those who have struggled and are still struggling with losing weight, the Flat Belly Fix is certainly an option to try in your journey to a healthier lifestyle and better body shape. With many positive feedbacks from happy customers who have tried the program, it can be said that this is one of the best online fitness programs available. Even if the program turns out to not be what you’re looking for and you feel that it’s not worth your money and time, the 60-day hassle free money back guarantee has you covered with little worries. You can certainly give the program a shot if you’re up for making better lifestyle choices and protecting yourself from harmful diseases from being having excessive belly weight. For a program that doesn’t need you to spend hours in your local gym or eat only bland foods for all your meals, the Flat Belly Fix is definitely a must try.

For more information on the Flat Belly Fix program, you can visit their official website and read more on the background of the program.



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